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Fillings and sealants containing and releasing fluorides


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In his often-cited book on the history of dentistry, Walter Hoffmann-Axthelm claims that the first mention of the use of fluoride for "caries prevention" (if inserted into a tooth) was in a book by the French dentist Antoine Malagou Désirabode. However, the original text by Désirabode clearly describes the use of fluoride (then still called "fluate", as in "fluate de chaux" for calcium fluoride (fluorspar)) for the preparation of a dental filling material (page 409, Chapter "De l´obliteration ou plombage des dents", in his book "Nouveaux éléments complets de la science et de l´art du dentiste", Paris 1845), a technical use that was later filed in so many patents, without any reference to a "preventive" effect:



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"The present invention relates to a composition of a novel fluoride-releasing dental amalgam restorative material, which provides the capability to reduce the possibility of secondary decay approximate to a restoration as a result of fluoride release."