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Semiconductor Technology



Akira FUKUNAGA, Hidenobu ARIMITSU, Yoshihara YASUHARA, Toshihiko Shiota, assignors to Ebara Research Co. Ltd., Kanagawa, and Ebara Corporation, Tokyo: "Gas Absorber", US Patent 4,826,805, filed Oct. 7, 1987, patented May 2, 1989 ("An absorber that is capable of efficient absorption of SiF4 and BCl3 present in gases that are discharged from semiconductor fabrication plants, ceramic producing plants and other plants is disclosed...")


Fukuda HIDEKI, Otsuka KENJI, Arakawa SATOSHI, assignors to Japan Pionics Co. Ltd., Tokyio, JP: "Reinigungsmittel und Verfahren zur Reinigung von schädlichem Gas", German Patent DE 69,610,471, filed July 12, 1998, patented Sept. 27, 2000  (hydrogen fluoride, silicon fluoride, boron trifluoride are necessary components for the layer growth of crystalline or amorphous silicium, or silicon dioxide, and for the etching process in the production of semiconductors)